(Platinum staff escorting a VIP)

Platinum Protection officers have been operating all over the UK since February 1993.

We provide cover for retail stores, functions, special events and product launches.  All Platinum staff are licensed by the government to operate legally in security, events, licensed premises, key holding and retail stores. All of our staff are qualified to City & Guilds standard in conflict management and are trained to function under extreme pressure.

(Platinum officers guarding an £8,000,000 Diamond on live TV)

We offer free training for client staff in security procedures, helping your team to be security aware and also improving the working relationship with our staff.  We also pay attention to any minor problem or issue, with free management visits to you at your request to keep things running smoothly.

Once working with you, our management team will visit your location unannounced and regularly, this is free of charge and essential in maintaining the officer’s standards.

All Platinum officers are trained in …

  • Apprehension and detention
  • Electronic tagging
  • Conflict management (all staff are qualified and certificated by the government)
  • Control & Restraint
  • Customer care
  • Deception & Fraud
  • Dress and presentation (we adhere to the highest standards of personal presentation)
  • Evacuation and assembly
  • Health & Safety
  • Internal dishonesty
  • Opening & Closing procedures
  • Police liaison
  • Radio Communications
  • Report writing and evidence
  • Store theft (shoplifting)
  • Terrorism and fire

We not only provide regular daily corporate security solutions for nationwide retail chains, one off boutiques, fashion houses and designers, we also provide ad hoc support for companies with their own in-house teams.

Giving support for sickness and holiday cover, as well as emergency support for nights, remedial work, contractor supervision and extra cover for sales, we are available for any security requirement, from short term cover, emergency call outs and regular long term business contracts. No assignment is considered too small.

(Platinum staff watching over a VIP event)

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